Solutions Architecture

Put the right technology solutions at the service of your business and your customers.

How technology drives business in the digital era

Once upon a time, your tech stack was a problem for tech people. But in a digital world, technology strategy is inseparable from business strategy.

Digital leaders rely on technology platforms to enable collaboration, agility, and a customer-first mindset. Technology expertise matters more than ever, but making the right tech choices is now a whole-of-business concern.

BFM excels at smartly architecting and swiftly developing experience solutions. Deploying a proprietary framework, our solutions architects define and create optimal solutions, with an unshakeable focus on business efficiency, user experience and business need.



6 weeks, 35 integrations,
and a 73% boost in Workfront’s site speed
Developing a blazing-fast site on a challenging timeline,
complete with seamlessly integrated marketing tech.

Our Solutions Architecture process

Finding the best technology architecture demands pragmatism, communication, and weighing up a multitude of factors. Our process is designed to deliver.

Current State + Requirements Gathering

Assessing now, planning for next

Our job is to select the best technology to support your business objectives. That process begins with a deep dive into the tech you currently use, which solutions you are reevaluating, and what business needs the new solution will have to meet.

Vendor Consultation

Building out the shortlist

The technology market is fast-changing, and our solutions architects maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge on changing features, reputations, and price points.

We apply that knowledge to create a short list of technology solutions to assess. Once we’ve shortlisted potential vendors, we put them through a careful vetting process, gathering information about how they can address each and every one of your business requirements.

BRD & Architecture Decision Document

Planning for a flawless implementation

After we’ve planned out the new digital ecosystem, our solution architects put together an Architecture Decision Document. This sets out the systems landscape, showing integration touchpoints and laying out implementation strategy. Your functional requirements are broken down into epics and user stories and organized into a Business Requirement Document